The very best value vacation destinations after BREXIT: Top ten locations with BEST currency exchange rate

THE VOTE for Britain to leave the EU saw the pound plummet to the lowest level since 1985, but what does this now imply for prospective holidaymakers desperate to schedule a vacation away?Month’s of economic chaos has actually been forecast and many Brits will need to pay more for their annual holiday as a result.

Those who have actually already reserved holidays this summer need to see little modifications, however those still preparing their journeys in the next few weeks need to spend some time to do some research to discover the best deal.Thankfully for those yet to reserve their break away, there are still lots of excellent value put on offer.Travel money specialist FairFX has actually revealed the top 10 holidays’s ranked best value.

10. Tanzania

Kilimanjaro National Park, the endless of Serengeti National Park and balloon safaris are all on offer if you travel to Tanzania in East Africa, and if you exchange 500 to Tanzanian shilling you can get 76 more back.

9. Chile

Like Tanzania, your 500 became Tanzanian Shilling will also offer you 76 more back. Circle snow-covered Andes Mountains and explore its hilly views to obtain the best out of your journey.

8. Norway

Change 500 into Norwegian Krone and you’ll get 90 more back. The Trolltunga and Preikstolen (the Pulpit Rock) are must-sees, and if you’re fortunate enough you can even find the northern lights.

7. Mexico

Climb up the mighty pyramids of Teotihuac n here or cruise along the canals of Xochimilco. Exchange 500 pounds to Mexican Peso and get 109 more back.

6. Turkey.

There s a 32 percent various between pounds sterling and Turkish Lira at the moment, so with your 500 you’ll get 122 more back. Turkey has a huge variety of ancient Roman city ruins and beach towns to match everyone.

5. Brazil.

Visit the spectacular views at Iguazu Falls and Sugarloaf Mountain making the most of Brazil, and exchange your 500 to Brazilian Real and get 129 more back.

4. South Africa.

If you exchange 500 to South African Rand now you can anticipate 130 more money back. Experience the world at your feet at Table Mountain and the Apartheid Museum is also worth a go to.

3. Zambia.

The difference in between Zambian Kwacha and pound sterling is 71 per cent at the moment. Exchange 500 and you’ll get 208 more back. Zambia is house to a variety of fantastic national forests and large spectrum of Africa s most intriguing plants and animals.

2. Russia.

Exchange 500 to Russian Ruble and you’ll get 211 more back. If you’re planning to fly to Moscow the weather condition hovers between 16 degrees and 28 degrees this time of year and the Bolshoi Theatre is absolutely worth a go to.

1. Argentina.

FairFX’s currency analysis puts Argnetina top of the world’s finest value holiday list. For every single 500 exchanged, you’ll get more than 6,000 Argentine Pesos than in 2013 - comparable to 300. Take a moonlight tour of Iguazu Falls or saddle up in gaucho nation – there’s something for the whole family to take pleasure in.Ian Strafford-Taylor, CEO of FairFX, said: The Brexit mandate had an immediate effect on the value of the pound with sharp drops and volatility since the outcome on Friday morning.Worried holidaymakers can try preventing the fallout by being smart about where they book.Choosing locations which offer favorable long-lasting rates mean that you’ll get more for your money and therefore far better value this summer.It might work our even more affordable to holiday long-haul to a dream location you never believed you could afford.

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Travel money specialist FairFX has actually revealed the top 10 holidays's ranked best value.


Travel money specialist FairFX has actually revealed the top 10 holidays's ranked best value.



Travel money specialist FairFX has actually revealed the top 10 holidays's ranked best value.